Our Process

Our Process

We employ a proven, repeatable process for each of our clients to assure your risk profile needs are properly analyzed and addressed. While our process is comprehensive in nature, the following high-level summary condenses it into four basic steps.

Step 1, Risk Management Audit

During this initial phase, your input is critical. What is your company’s appetite for risk?

Before designing a program structure that would best meet your organization’s needs, we will need your input pertinent to what you believe is of importance. We will then need to learn a variety of factors, such as: what risks are you willing to assume, (and to what degree), what risks can be contractually transferred to others, what risks can be avoided, and lastly, what needs to be insured, and at what levels. Too often, insurance programs are taken off the shelf without regard to determining what is best for your specific situation. With competitive pricing at the forefront, our process is to tailor a comprehensive program that meets your specific needs….nothing more….nothing less. The audit is complemented by a safety, claims and policy review specific to your business, through:

  • Contract Reviews

  • Policy Reviews

  • Experience Modification Reviews

  • Facility Tours

  • Key Employee Reviews

  • Current and Past Safety Survey Reviews

  • Employment Practices Reviews

  • Disaster Planning Reviews

Step 2, Developing a Plan of Action

After determining a thorough understanding of your business and the risk issues facing it, we are then armed with the tools needed to recommend solutions. The plan developed will minimize risk and reduce your overall costs; both through lower insurance costs and indirect costs that, up to this point, had not previously been identified to you. This blueprint becomes our template for action to improve your individual risk profile and associated costs.

Step 3, Implementation of Your Program

Once the action plan components are determined, we will mutually agree on a Service Schedule for the program year. The Service Schedule is an annual timeline of activities to be implemented during the policy year which will meet your organization’s specific service needs.

Step 4, Monitoring Your Program

Our Risk Management Audit, Plan of Action and Program Implementation allow your organization to become involved in the process from its inception through execution. In order for us to have a mutually beneficial partnership, it is essential to have open communications going both ways. As we all know, a well thought out plan is destined to failure without ongoing input and communication from all parties. To further substantiate this, we will schedule periodic meetings during the course of the year to assure we are meeting our mutually agreed service expectations, supplemented by a Stewardship meeting approximately 120 days prior to renewal, which will serve as a gauge of how we have done with our commitments and progress during the year.