Who is Alonso & Andrade Insurance Group?

Alonso & Andrade Insurance Group is one of the largest Hispanic owned independent insurance and risk management consulting agencies in Texas, headquartered in Dallas, with a second office in Fort Worth. We are a certified MBE, DBE, ACDBE, SBE and Texas Hub company.

What we do....

Alonso & Andrade Insurance Group provides a full range of insurance brokerage and risk management consulting services for businesses and individuals through out the US. In addition to offering all forms of property casualty insurance, the firm also provides life, employee benefits and business protection and succession services for companies of all sizes.

Our History/Our Legacy.

The foundation of our work is based upon over 75 years’ experience in north Texas of our two owners, the dedication and expertise of our staff, and long standing partnerships with our insurance carriers. We have collectively partnered with literally hundreds of companies, in Texas and nationwide over the past 40 years.


Tailored Programs
Each client risk program is developed through “Our Process”, which is a proven repeatable risk management platform developed to assure consistent client risk analysis.
Our founder began partnering with Texas companies on their risk programs in the late 1970’s, representing hundreds of companies in most industries and of all sizes.
Our stellar reputation is recognized by both our clients and competitors, which is a testament to our time-honored high ethical standards of uncompromising integrity and quality.
Long-Standing Partnerships
Our number one priority is to our clients, but the success of our client work is credited in large part to our quality insurance carrier partnerships, which have been developed and fostered over the last 40 years.
Our Fiduciary Promise
Our promise to our clients is to always hold their interest above that of our own. We treat each client’s risk program as if we were negotiating their policies for our own company.
Our Service Commitment
We are committed to service excellence throughout our organization. Alonso & Andrade earns new clients in many different ways, but we retain clients by focusing on “responding to our clients’ needs now”, not tomorrow!

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Maintaining Control

Securing coverage for a client should be based upon exposures and needs, and not solely premium dollars. Far too often the lowest premium dictates where a buyer ends up, which is how insurance should not be purchased. Competitive premiums are always of utmost importance, but indirect costs which are not divulged in a proposal can add premium to the overall program without the buyer being aware of their presence.

In order for the buyer to get the best program possible, selecting the right risk broker should be the number one priority. For the commercial buyer, it calls for the client to go through a disciplined process in order to avoid senseless mistakes common to the naïve buyers.

When an insurance underwriter receives an application and supporting data coming in from multiple agents, the underwriter knows the buyer does not have control of their program and the submission goes to “file 13”! An underwriter’s time is valuable these days, and if your company is serious about receiving a competitive quote, you need to be smart about the process it takes to get there.

Today it is more prudent for the buyer to choose one broker and give that broker reins to the entire marketplace. It costs a great deal for a broker to gather and evaluate the underwriting information, submit everything to insurance carriers, and then field answers to the myriad of underwriting questions.

We are a certified MBE, DBE, ACDBE, SBE and Texas Hub company.

A primary rule of thumb in the insurance industry is for buyers to refrain from trading dollars with insurance carriers, because when that is done with lower deductibles/retentions than needed, the buyer usually loses in the end. In order to avoid this, it’s critical to understand the role analytics plays into building the most effective risk program, and at the lowest possible premium amount. This process is known in the insurance industry as a risk management audit/analysis.

Prior to determining what deductibles or retentions one should accept from the insurance carrier, a thorough review of historical premium and losses should be evaluated. The best method to use to arrive at your optimum deductible is through the analysis of a Loss Stratification, where claims for the past five years are categorized, accordingly by coverage, year and size. After being armed with this information, then and only then can a decision be made as to what retention level the buyer should choose. The buyer can then evaluate the results and make a decision that would fit their “Appetite for Risk”.

Risk Management Analysis

We are committed to service excellence throughout our organization.

Additional Factors

Another important factor is the type of contracts the insured has signed, which would indicate what the insured has assumed that may not be covered in their standard insurance contracts. Too often contracts and agreements are signed by those other than C suite staff, such as purchasing department employees or others, who’s knowledge about legal documents is very limited. Not until one gets in the middle of a difficult claim does the company realize they have agreed to provide indemnification without any insurance coverage, or the proper coverage within their insurance program.

Also, a recent survey revealed Disaster Planning is lacking in over half of the middle market companies in the US today. Many IT departments have their own disaster plan, which is only focused in the IT area, however, these plans fail to consider the remainder of the company. A sound disaster plan should include the entire company, IT and total operations, which can often be the difference between whether a company survives a catastrophic loss or not. Many businesses fail to plan for a catastrophic loss and never resume operations since they were ill-prepared. And it’s ironic that the cost for the extra coverage needed to satisfy the plan is often only several percents in additional premium.

In the end, buyers must realize the impact of Indirect Costs and how they affect premium dollars. As you review other sections of our site, you will quickly understand the importance of teaming up with a broker that knows how to address issues before they become problems.

Our firm also provides life, employee benefits and business protection.


Alonso & Andrade is seeking long-term partnerships with companies, other organizations and individuals that are seeking more than just the lowest cost program. Also,all team members abide by the philosophy of always holding the interest of our clients and others above that of their own.