DFW Virtual Mentoring Program

Many college students who plan to enter the workforce in the next year or two often don’t know anyone who can help educate them about the inner workings of their fields of interest. Alonso & Andrade Insurance Group, in conjunction with the Greater North Texas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has established the DFW Virtual Mentoring Program for those college students in need of career advice. Also, this servant leadership platform will be provided at no cost to students. It is our small way of giving back to the community that has supported us for so many years.

The primary goal of the DFW Virtual Mentoring Program is to connect college students with professionals working in the students’ areas of interest and who can be an ally for students in their quest for industry specific information. By doing this, perhaps some students will find a lifelong career or quite possibly avoid pursuing a career path that they would later learn is not to their liking. Either way, by taking advantage of this program students can be introduced to someone other than a school counselor, who has working knowledge in an industry they are interested in following as a career path. Classroom knowledge is good but receiving professional advice from an experienced mentor has proven over the years to be invaluable.

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    While this program is not a substitute for a career placement service, nor is it a guarantee to find a job for a student, it will give the student an opportunity to learn about an industry from career professionals in their chosen field. And, in some instances, this will provide a segue into a summer internship or possibly a permanent position after graduation.

    For over 15 years we have successfully connected students with virtual mentors on a smaller scale, providing the students with one-on-one access to professionals in their respective fields of interest. By using LinkedIn connections as our mentor resource database, we have well in excess of several thousand professionals in a myriad of fields who will serve as our mentors.

    Virtual mentoring shares the goals of face to face mentoring by establishing a trusted relationship using emails, phone conversations, webchats and other methods of technology for communication.

    This is a proven system in which to bypass the location barrier and create valuable mentorships regardless of where someone is located, thereby eliminating the need to personally meet. This also saves time for both the mentor and mentee, making it easier for both parties to interact.